Ancient Angkor

54m 42s

Deep in the jungles and rice fields of Cambodia this center of culture, religion and power remained hidden for nearly 1,000 years. Built in a mere 37 years from 1113 to 1150 A.D., Angkor disappeared back into the jungle less than 30 years later. Now, many of Angkor’s secrets are being revealed to us by extraordinary new scientific applications. Leading the research, University of Sydney Archaeologist, Dr. Damian Evans using LIDAR, a sophisticated remote sensing laser technology rapidly transforming our understanding of Angkor and other ancient civilizations. Once a thriving urban center with commercial and residential areas powered by highly developed waterways and hydraulics systems, Angkor is also designated the largest continually functioning religious complex in the world. It is a place where mystery and reality merge as one. Until recently little more than an indecipherable landscape of ruins, at its peak Angkor’s nearly one million inhabitants led common daily lives in this mega city... Until something went wrong. Very wrong.

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